Alps-Adriatic Centre

  • aims to promote and intensify cross-border neighbourly cooperation in Europe through trust-building measures
  • promote interethnic relations with a view to securing peace in Central and Eastern Europe promote economic cooperation within the EU and with the new member states organize lectures, conferences, discussions and excursions, and
  • to draw up practical proposals which encourage peaceful cooperation among the European nations in general and for a future EU region of peace in particular.
    Everybody's chance for mutual gain

    AACC members as cooperation partners

  • The AACC promotes close ties between Austrians, and Carinthians in particular, and the people of our neigbouring countries and other countries about to join the EU by strengthening good-neighbourly relations and intensively supporting the creation of new ties.
  • The AACC uses its networks and its specific know-how (language competence, special knowledge of markets, etc.) to act as a lobbyist and catalyst to contribute successfully and efficiently to the realization of individual projects.
  • Projects in the field of alternative energy, waste and sewage management, agriculture, tourism and communal partnerships have been carried out successfully to date, and now form the basis for further innovative projects and cooperation with new partners.
  • In addition the AACC tries to help overcome existing mental and material barriers, which often hamper cooperation within Central and Eastern Europe.

Wörthersee / Vrbsko jezero / Lake Wörthersee – AUSTRIA